About Us

When you come to Raymer Metals, we make the process of bringing in your items to be recycled quick and easy. The best thing about coming to us for recycling is that you will be making better money at Raymer Metals than any of the other recycling companies out there. Before you know it, recycling will start to become a weekly thing for you. So the next time you see some plastic bottles lying around in the street, pick it up and put it in your stash, then take it to Raymer Metals when you are looking for a place that make recycling plastic bottles enjoyable.

The next time you plan on having a party at your house, don't throw away the plastic bottles in your home. The next time you have some old metal scraps in your garage, just don't toss them in the garbage. Make sure to take your items to Raymer Metals. You will be glad that you did.